Top brand Laptop Dealers in Bangalore: Techpro Solutions

Top brand Laptop Dealers in Bangalore: Techpro Solutions

Top brand Laptops Dealers in Bangalore: Techpro Solutions

For business and gaming purpose, there are many top brand laptops dealers in Bangalore. Because Bangalore is an IT hub and so many companies are dealing with each other. Besides those companies, there are some high-performance companies who are dealing with top brand laptops, printers, modems, servers and many. These companies are now fulfilling consumer needs and businesses with a good range of award-winning laptops.

Laptops having multiple brands. Brands are like LENOVO, APPLE, HP, ACER, DELL, SAMSUNG,  etc and companies are now dealing with these kinds of top brands especially.

MSI G S65 Stealth Thin is the latest model of this brand having a core i7 processor.  

6 top brand laptops

  2. DELL
  3. HP
  4. APPLE
  5. MSI

       1. Lenovo:

Lenovo is now a major demand for business laptops. This brand also producing the best thin and light two-in-ones laptops with a wide range of prices and styles. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (6th Gen) is the latest laptop built for business and it is the best overall business laptop.

       2. Dell:

Now Dell has appeared as one of the top brand laptops. Based on new technology, Dell has worked on its design to offer a flawless experience to its users. It is well known for its long battery life. For faster work, Dell added the latest 7th generation Intel processor. The latest Dell laptop is Dell XPS 13 (9370).

       3. HP:

HP is the second largest PC vendor it is varied as per needs and requirements. Now HP is making laptops slimmer with a premium design using new technology. It offers in such a that, it suits to every consumer’s needs and fulfills their requirements. But the biggest disadvantage is, it has weak battery life. HP Envy 17t Touch is the overall best laptop till now.

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      4. Apple:

Apple is always legendary and it is slim with sturdy. In terms of design, the laptops are stylish and sleek. It has a long life battery with lightning charging. But it is very high in cost. So this is the biggest disadvantage of the Apple brand. MacBook Pro is the latest laptop of Apple brand with 15-inch size.

     5. MSI:

This brand laptop offering laptops and workstations with an exclusive price. The brand invested so much into the gaming segment with their new laptops. But it’s sales service and tech support is very weak. MSI G S65 Stealth Thin is the latest model of this brand having a core i7 processor.  

     6. Samsung:

Samsung is a brand which focussed on manufacturing luxurious and opulent products. It has a high cost as compared to other laptops having similar features and specifications. In terms of design, it is heavy and difficult to carry. This is the major drawback of the Samsung laptop. Samsung Notebook 9 is the upcoming latest laptop with core i7 processor.


Laptops are now designed using new technologies which are satisfying customers need. Some top brand laptops dealers in Bangalore are there but still, they have some drawbacks like price and battery life-related issues. So we need to take care of all these things.


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